Welcome Breakfast

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Opening Remarks

Ladies Get Paid Founders Claire Wasserman and Ashley Louise


Show Your Worth: How to Get Paid What You Deserve (Workshop)
Presented by

Instructor: Morgan Fletcher

  • See negotiating as an opportunity, not an obstacle

  • Know what to charge

  • Negotiate for things other than money

  • Make your case

  • Scripts for how to handle any scenario


Change Your Money Story, Change Your Life (Workshop)
Presented by

Instructor: Kara Stevens 

  • Explore your values around money

  • How to adopt a mindset of abundance, not scarcity

  • Tools to save, spend, and invest


Lady Ascension (Fireside)

Speakers: Jennifer Justice in conversation with Amy Emmerich

  • Starting from the bottom and getting to the top

  • Navigating gender power dynamics

  • How to make allies + build authentic relationships

  • Tangible ways you can support other women


Infiltrating the Boys’ Club (Panel)

Speakers: Chaya Milchtein, Mindy Abovitz-Monk, Jennifer Shahade, and Elisa Kreisinger

  • How to handle being “other”

  • Standing your ground

  • Pushing through self-doubt


How to Be Resilient (Lightening Talk)

Speaker Sharon Epperson will share her story of how she came back from a brain aneurysm, including how she avoided financial disaster.


You Are Not a Fraud (Lightening Talk)

Speaker Claire Wasserman will share her story of how she overcame imposter syndrome and the best ways for you to advocate for yourself at work.


Women and Anger (Panel)

Speakers: Kara Brown, Samhita Mukhopadhyay, and Rebecca Traister

  • Why women aren’t “allowed” to express anger

  • How to channel your frustration into action


The Changemakers (Panel)

Speakers: Netta Jenkins, Jeanne Christensen, and Katie Bethell

  • The most effective ways we can get our companies to be more supportive of women; whether that's rallying large groups, getting management onboard, or using the law to get what you want.


Crushing Mediocrity (Lightening Talk)

Speaker Lisa Copeland will share how to know purpose, worn your choices, stand out and using your influence for good.


How to Make Strategic Career Moves (Panel)

Speakers: Sarah Iooss, Anjali Kumar, Lynn Mione and Jill Ozovek

  • Positioning yourself for a promotion

  • When to know it’s time to move on

  • What to do if you’re changing industries


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The Double Standard (Fireside)

Speakers Polly Rodriguez ,Nathalie Molina Nino, and Danielle Kayembe

  • Why women are often held to a higher standard than men

  • Pushing back when you’re not taken seriously

  • How to raise money


Imagine It Forward: How to Be a Leader (Fireside)

Speaker: Beth Comstock

  • Adopting an innovative mindset

  • How to develop your idea + get others on board

  • Most effective ways to get management to think outside the box


Courage (Town Hall)

Speakers Sinikiwe Dhliwayo, Adrianne Wright, Yai Vargas, Kellie Wagner, and Seher Sikander will share their stories of taking risks, despite personal or professional consequences.


Closing Remarks

Ladies Get Paid Founders Claire Wasserman and Ashley Louise


Happy Hour

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