Early Bird: $149


General Admission: $189

Purchasing 5+ tickets?


**Want your boss to pay for your ticket? Send them this.**

If you’re unable to afford a ticket, we can work with you on a payment plan. Just fill this out.


Coming from Philadelphia,
Baltimore, or DC?


We’ve teamed up with Rally, a crowd powered travel company, to book us a high end bus. However in order to lock it in, we need to get 40 women on board* by November 8th. Some info below:

Early bird roundtrip: $125

Pickup: December 7th at 5pm (Union Station, DC)

Return: December 9th at 12pm (Union Square, NYC)

*If we can’t get 40 riders by November 8th, we’ll alert you so you can find alternative arrangements. So start spreadin’ the word!